Oct 042010

In New Zealand, you just don’t get the same choice of books as in some countries throughout the world so many locals order online from international websites.  There are however some great book shops here and some great specialist stores specialising in specific subjects, particularly in Auckland and Wellington, but the costs can be high due to the lack of demand (relatively low population) and geographical location.  More specialist books can be harder to find on the bookshelf, particularly if you are looking for IT, medical or other specialist books.

If you’re living here and can’t find what you want, or can’t stand the prices, it can often work out cheaper to order online from the UK or the States.

The most popular options are to browse and order from the following sites :


Fishpond (New Zealand based)

Book Depository – access UK prices with free worldwide delivery!

The BookDepository

From the above two, it appears by the delivery times of more specialist items that Fishpond can order internationally as well, so it’s worth doing a currency comparison of the overall cost as it may be cheaper ordering direct from The Book Depository.

Of course you can always browse through TradeMe and pick up some second hand books as well.  Note that if you are ordering from overseas your purchase may be subject to import duties and fees.

Do you know of other sources of books, or book shops you would recommend in New Zealand?  If so, please let us know, particularly if there is a Kiwi based supplier we’ve failed to mention!

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