Oct 042010
Book Shopping in New Zealand

Tweet In New Zealand, you just don’t get the same choice of books as in some countries throughout the world so many locals order online from international websites.  There are however some great book shops here and some great specialist stores specialising in specific subjects, particularly in Auckland and Wellington, but the costs can be [read more…]

Sep 292010
Everyday shopping – Where to Shop in New Zealand

Tweet I always find shopping in a new country is interesting.  In New Zealand there’s a whole load of interesting foods from feijoa fruits to kumara, and there can be different names used than what you may use back home.  For everyday shopping in New Zealand there are only a few large chains around, but [read more…]

Sep 292010
Entertainment Book – dining and entertainment offers throughout New Zealand

Tweet The Entertainment book is a bit of a institution in New Zealand and can be used to get 2 for 1 budget deals, discounts and other offers for dining, activities, hotels and entertainment.  Offers are available throughout the country, particularly in the well populated locations such as Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown, Waikato and [read more…]