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entertainment-book-logo The Entertainment book is a bit of a institution in New Zealand and can be used to get 2 for 1 budget deals, discounts and other offers for dining, activities, hotels and entertainment.  Offers are available throughout the country, particularly in the well populated locations such as Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Invercargill, Queenstown, Waikato and Wellington. The Entertainment book is sold through fund raising groups and raised over $5m in 2009 for groups throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

As the book is sold throughout fundraising groups it is not so well known amongst travellers such as a backpackers or working holiday visa holders, but if you are basing yourself in a town or city for a while it is still relevant for you, and could let you splash out and treat yourself without breaking the bank. Note that the Entertainment book has specific editions for each area so ensure you purchase the correct one.

The main focus of the book is giving discounts at restaurants, cafes and activity centres but the offers spread for every budget ranging from the luxurious Logan Brown restaurant and cafes like Ernesto in Wellington.  More ‘run of the mill’ places like  McDonalds are also included and you can get discounts for  activities such as indoor climbing at Hangdogs.  NB : All these examples are taken from the Wellington Entertainment book but there is just as much variety in other locations.

The book costs $60 but you can make that up easily with just a couple of uses.  I’ve had a copy for only three weeks and have more than got my purchase price back using it for indoor climbing, and a couple of meals.  The book is best used if you have have a friend to share it with, as the best deals are two for one meals so unless you can eat a lot, bring along someone else!  Most vouchers are restricted to one location, however places like McDonalds can be redeemed throughout the country, so you can treat yourself to a breakfast when you’re on the road.

If you know someone who already has an entertainment book, regardless of the region ask them to buy a copy for you as they’ll get it for a discounted rate.  Although I’ve only mentioned New Zealand in this article, the Entertainment book is available in a number of editions for use in Australia as well.  Note the book is valid from June one year, until June the next year, so don’t buy it in May and expect to get the full use of it.

If you want a copy of the Entertainment book you won’t find it readily available in bookshops as it’s sold through fundraising groups, so befriend a local, or check our the Entertainment book’s website to buy one.

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