Oct 042010

Universal Currency ConverterTypical costs for New Zealand are not too different from other ‘western’ countries – the largest differentiator to your home country will be the exchange rate.  As this was typed the New Zealand dollar is quite strong which means a trip for the typical European or American visitor can be a bit more than anticipated.  Here’s some sample costs for typical everyday goods :

Milk – 2 litres – $5.50
Coffee – $3-4
Cinema ticket : $15  (There’s sometimes deals on a Monday or before 6pm in cities)
Beer in bar : $6
Inter Island Ferry Ticket : From $55 foot passenger, $150 per car – more for vans etc (one way prices)
Meal : $10 budget takeaway (but decent – e.g. Malaysian, Thai, Curry) to $$$ for full blown venue
Car Hire : From $30 per day
Campervan hire : From $30 per day off season, typical $80 high season
Room rent in Wellington : from $130 a week to $$$
Diesel – 1 litre : $1.18  (NB : you have to add the cost of Road User Charges – See Transport category)
Petrol – 1 litre : $1.88

NB : As this was typed (October 2010) one New Zealand Dollar was worth about :
75 cents US (so add just less than a third to get your USD price)
47 pence UK (so divide by 2 to get your UK price)
55 cents Euro (so divide by 2 and add a bit to get your Euro price)

See the Universal Currency Converter for the latest rates : Universal Currency Converter

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