Nov 232010

New Zealand Backpackers guidebookI’m proud to announce the arrival of my new New Zealand Backpacing Guidebook : New Zealand Backpacking Unwrapped.  As of December 2012 this book is available exclusively on Amazon – fully updated for 2013!!!

The guide is over 125 pages of quality information which I’m sure will help you during your next visit to New Zealand.  Although the ebook is aimed at backpacking in New Zealand, there is a lot of information there for both long term visitors, and new residents in New Zealand.  It will be perfect for you if you have a working holiday visa for New Zealand and are wondering what lies head.

I’ve spent weeks making sure that the information in this guide book is correct and relevant for backpackers, which is why this blog has suffered a bit over the last few weeks.

Due to me neglecting this blog a bit whilse writing the ebook I am happy to give the readers of this site a discount of 15%.  If you head on over to the checkout and enter the code of ‘nzunwrappedblog’, and apply the discount to your shopping cart, you’ll get a reduction.  Don’t forget to update your cart before checking out!


Here’s the highlights :

  • When to travel and all the budget airlines.
  • How to set up the boring stuff on your first day – bank accounts, tax number and mobile phone.
    You can kick back and relax once you get these essentials out of the way.
  • Visa options – even if you’re over 31 for the standard working holiday visa!
    Using this you could get 3 YEARS of being allowed to work in NZ without applying for residency!
  • How to hire a campervan, from $10 OR EVEN FREE!
  • How to buy your car or van and maximise your chances of getting most of your money back.
    (my first car here cost me less than $30 NZD a week when I sold it! – cheaper than hiring)
  • How to get bus fares from $1.
  • LOADS OF DISCOUNTS – from everyday food shopping to buying stuff for your van.
  • Eating out well, but on a backpackers budget.
    How to get access to amazing 2 for 1 deals at top restaurants – everyone needs a treat right?
  • Where to get up to 80% off activites and other treats (from skydiving to spas!)
  • Paying NZ prices for books?  No way – we’ll tell you where to get items shipped at UK prices – with no shipping!
  • Use social media to get up to 20% of car and van hire.
  • Everything you need to know about seasonal jobs – from fruit picking to ski resorts.
  • Hostelling – are discount cards really worth it?
  • The pros and cons of the main cities – where do you want to base yourself?
  • Free things to do in the major cities.
  • Best ways to meet local people.
  • Like it here and want to stay?  You’ll find out top tips to smooth your way through a Skilled Migrant residency visa application.

There’s a lot more in there, but you can get access to all of this for less than the price of a night in a hostel and a drink!

Reminder – you’ll get a 15% discount on checkout using the code ‘nzunwrappedblog’.  I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of this guide and you’ve got nothing to loose as there is a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied!  All you have to do it email the address given on the order – no questions asked.

new_zealand_backpacking_unwrapped_ebook_coverI hope you find this book useful as it contains a lot of information that you won’t find in any other guidebooks!

You’ll also get an exclusive 5% discount code for travel insurance in the book!  That alone could pay for the book.


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