Dec 122010

Haka Tours offers something a little bit different from the mainstream budget adventure tours of New Zealand.  With groups sizes averaging 7-12, and small minibuses taking you around you get a bit more of a personal touch and have a better chance to get off the beaten track to places more tourists wouldn’t get to. It’s probably going to be a bit more like a tour with a group of new mates than seeing different people at each location you visit.

If you are travelling solo, about 70% of their customers are in the same boat.  Haka Tours pride themselves on being different to the hop on / hop off buses that the majority of independent travellers use to get around New Zealand for the following reasons :

  • Accommodation is included
  • Breakfast is included
  • Tour of each destination visited
  • Exploring and adventures is the name of the game – not having mad parties at every destination
    (Having been on a self drive tour of New Zealand before and being stuck in a room full of hop on / hop off travellers, trust us if that kind of thing isn’t your bag you could get a bit frustrated on other tours)
  • Same tour guide throughout your tour rather than different drivers and guides on each leg

You can select a tour that is focussed on a specific activity type like their snow or surf tours rather than feeling forced to follow the bog standard packages.  Don’t worry about it being too specialised a tour company though as you’ll still be able to do the ‘must-do’ activities .


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