Sep 202010

Hi and welcome to New Zealand Uncovered.  This site is aimed at helping you get the most out of your trip to New Zealand whether you just want ideas on things to do, need to know what to consider when hiring a campervan, want to know the best food markets in Wellington and hopefully many things inbetween.

This site has information for all sorts of visit from backpacking, flashpacking, short holidays, or long term stays for working holiday visa holders and gap year students.  Even if you are considering moving or emigrating to New Zealand there will be something for you too.

If there is some information missing that you’d like to read about we have plenty of ideas of future articles, but if you ask for it, we may be able to help you out or move it up the priority list.

Why write New Zealand Uncovered?

There are many sites about New Zealand on the internet but the more we looked, the more we realised that many sites were aimed at a specific type of traveller and failed to give you a true feel of what New Zealand is like.  Either they are polished tourist brochures, or they only contain articles dedicated to gap year travellers or backpackers.  Hopefully over time, this site will offer something for everyone.


We welcome constructive criticism or feedback.  We make every effort to provide accurate information at the time of publishing however rates change, policies are altered and companies come and go.  If there is something you think is wrong, or there’s something you would like to read about, please get in touch.

I hope you like this site.  Please feel free to link to us – if you do we’d be delighted to know where you’ve added one.

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